Thursday, December 10, 2009

Almost there Xmas with Friends


5 more days left. I can’t wait to see everyone! Don't forget tickets R40 & you can pay at the door.

Hope you all have your outfits. I cant fit into mine so guess what i'm doing this weekend!

This week I’m keeping it short, but can’t resist too touch on the news… What is the difference between Tiger Woods & Santa Claus? SANTA STOPPED AT 3 HO'S hahahaha... now Jamie says she's sorry, she's so lame... attention seeker. SA Airlink, Julia's, Cosatu.... all speak for themselves!

& the Miss World Pageant right here in South Africa… how awesome!!

As we’ve all experienced, the soccer draw was oh so exciting for many of us. So much so that it has us jacked to actually purchase tickets. Well done FIFA!

My chosen non-profit organizations for this week go as follows:

This SPECIAL CARE Centre provides a stimulating environment for the profoundly mentally challenged children in our community. SPECIAL CARE children normally need very intensive special care and their educational process is highly specialised.


Mr Philip Bam, Executive Director of LOFOB, has guided the organization since 1974. Mr Bam explains the mission of LOFOB, “Our mission is to enable all visually impaired people to reach their optimal potential through independence development and to care for and protect the rights of those who, due to circumstances beyond their control, are unable to do so themselves.”